Master 2 traineeship

Master 2 research traineeships (4th academic semester, 30 ECTS) take place between January and early June (5 months). Examination takes place around June 10.

Research internships must be found within the list of internships that are officially agreed by the Board of Education every year. It includes proposals in Bordeaux, France and abroad.

Master 2 industry traineeships (4th academic semester, 30 ECTS) take place between January and the end of June (6 months). Examination takes place around late June-early July. There is no list of previously agreed industry internships. It is up to students to find out an appropriate internship in the industry. Individual proposals, however, must be agreed by the Board of Education, in October at the latest.

Potential supervisors in Bordeaux, France or abroad who wish to propose a research traineeship for NeuroBIM should contact the program coordinators to get informed about the agreement procedure.

Master 2 students can choose their research traineeship at the time they apply to the 2nd year of the program (around May-June), as this is a mandatory step to get accepted.
Students can extend their lab training after the exam, provided their fill up a specific agreement with the University and the host laboratory.
Laboratories in the University of Bordeaux must provide a monthly stipend to students who spend working more than 2 months in the same lab (see Student lab agreement and student stipends).
There is no mandatory stipend for students who go abroad for their traineeship, but they can apply to a variety of mobility fellowships (see Fellowships for International Mobility).

International mobility is highly recommended for students who do not wish to apply for a PhD in Neuroscience to the Doctoral School of the University of Bordeaux at the end of the 2nd year, but envision to get a PhD elsewhere. 

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  • 5 Good Reasons to Apply

    • An up-to-date core curriculum in Neuroscience
    • Advanced scientific education and training with innovative and interdisciplinary brain research methodology
    • Training through original research aimed at the translation from bench-to-bedside and from bedside-to-bench
    • Friendly and intercultural learning environment
    • Small classes and close faculty contact
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