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Students need to take care of accommodation as soon as possible to avoid difficulties upon arrival.

Unfortunately, the number of available rooms and apartments in university student houses is very limited. As a consequence, this type of accommodation may not be secured.

In order to improve their chances of obtaining accommodation via the International Office, students are strongly advised to apply well in advance.

The International Office may also recommend private student houses.

International Office contacts for students in Biology (including Neuroscience):

Anna Gerykova, Mélanie Lecouvey

+33 (0)5 40 00 83 33 or +33 (0)5 40 00 69 50
Contact by email:


The euro (EUR, €) is the official currency of the Eurozone and of France.

Living costs

The following prices are merely indicative.
Accommodation in Bordeaux and around (private market) is about 400-600 € monthly.
Public transportation is about 30-45€ monthly.


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    • An up-to-date core curriculum in Neuroscience
    • Advanced scientific education and training with innovative and interdisciplinary brain research methodology
    • Training through original research aimed at the translation from bench-to-bedside and from bedside-to-bench
    • Friendly and intercultural learning environment
    • Small classes and close faculty contact
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