Fellowships for International Mobility

Students can apply for Aquimob international mobility fellowships (around 400-450 EUR per month), which combine mobility help provided by the French Research and High Education Office, the Aquitaine local government (Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine) and Erasmus support.

Students can also apply for competitive IdEx “Destinations prioritaires (Japan, Canada, California, Bask Country)” mobility fellowships (around 650 EUR per month, they cannot be held concurrently with an Aquimob fellowship).
Application opens in September (see the Master coordinators at that time).

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  • 5 Good Reasons to Apply

    • An up-to-date core curriculum in Neuroscience
    • Advanced scientific education and training with innovative and interdisciplinary brain research methodology
    • Training through original research aimed at the translation from bench-to-bedside and from bedside-to-bench
    • Friendly and intercultural learning environment
    • Small classes and close faculty contact
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