And after?

After graduation, students have access to career opportunities in the industrial sector, in clinical research or may carry out further fundamental research as PhD students.
Admission procedure of students to the Doctoral School of the University of Bordeaux (look for HEALTH AND LIFE SCIENCES - SVS) can be found here:
Pre requisites and supervision

In parallel, Bordeaux Neurocampus has developped its own innovative and cross-disciplinary integrated Graduate training program :
Neuroscience Graduate Program

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  • 5 Good Reasons to Apply

    • An up-to-date core curriculum in Neuroscience
    • Advanced scientific education and training with innovative and interdisciplinary brain research methodology
    • Training through original research aimed at the translation from bench-to-bedside and from bedside-to-bench
    • Friendly and intercultural learning environment
    • Small classes and close faculty contact
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